about us

About capital

To establish a wide and growing customer base and to maintain it through working on their full satisfaction. Having an efficient, effective and creative administrative structure and working on its development. Enhance the brand value of the company to become a meaningful entity with credibility, confidence and competitive ability that attracts investors, customers and effective staff. Use the latest scientific systems in management and apply the performance appraisal system “Balanced Scorecards” to all the company’s employees. Applying quality control systems and cost control systems to ensure the best products at the lowest cost and highest quality standards.

Our Vision

To expand the company’s activities over all Arab countries not only in Egypt, and to become a leading developer in Real Estate Development & Investment field in Egypt and the Middle East. The company also aims to make a quantum leap in the size of its projects and invest in mega projects, Also to establish new real estate standards that Egypt lacking and many other Arab countries. The company is also seeking to overcome all obstacles in the way to achieve the concept of modern property development through the provision of integrated real estate products and innovative services,and a highly qualified staff.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a variety of products and services with the highest quality standards at competitive prices. We are always keen to satisfy our customers to ensure their loyalty and loyalty to us. We are committed to remaining pioneers in developing the idea of a “owners’ union” based on the principle of cooperation to provide premium housing units at cost. We believe that the development of the company is linked to its human resources, so we always work on the continuous and continuous development of our cadres according to the latest scientific methods. We believe that our best marketing channels are our customers and products.

Our Message

We are always keen to satisfy our customers because they are always the cornerstone of successful organizations. We are committed to remain as the pioneers in developing the idea of Union of Owners based on the principle of cooperation to provide distinct housing units at reasonable prices. We are committed to providing innovative products and services to customers and investors alike.

Our Goals

A company specialized in the management and planning of projects and urban development and implementation of engineering projects, providing consultancy and structural solutions and preparing economic feasibility studies with high professionalism, led by a group of senior consultants and specialized university professors where their experience extends to about 15 years of experience, creativity and related success

Our Teamwork

The company includes a group of employees, expertise and competencies starting from the Board of Directors, which includes university professors and specialized consultants whose experience extends to more than 15 years have achieved great and continuous success among three decades, and technical staff with experience and efficiency in